We love short form narrative work. Over the years we developed a whole range of genres connecting international talent from all over the world. Here are just some of the projects we had a great pleasure to create. Because some of our films are currently enjoying festival runs, we can only share stills from these projects. 



My Rode Reel is the largest international film competition created by RODE. In 2016 we produced a short film bringing together talented multinational cast and crew. Our film "Burlgary" was shortlisted in 2 categories - Best Sound Design and Best Female Filmmaker. "Burglary" is a satirical tale directed by Will Godson and produced by Kate Tartsus. 



A man embarks on a journey to find happiness' is the premise of this short film written and directed by Adrian Eppel. Cinematography by Kate Tartsus, Aerial footage using RPA by Sandeep Nandy. "Happiness" is currently on an international film circuit. Stay tuned for more updates. 

"Mother of Pearl"


"Mother of Pearl" is our latest short film, and it is currently in post, due to release early 2018. It's a creepy story of a very strange relationship between deceased mother and her mature son.