Pikachunes - "Friends and Family"


Embark on a twisted journey through the woods with Pikachunes’ new clip Friends and Family. Deception, betrayal and imagination; Pikachunes are rotating all three elements in a gripping storyline for their brand new clip Friends and Family. First premiered on 

Ruby Gill - "Older"

Here's a brightly coloured piece of physical theatre and a grotesque exploration of how love makes you old produced for South African-born, now Melbourne-based artist Ruby Gill. First premiered on

Groove City - "Let's Not Do This Again"

Complete with synchronised dance moves, palpable emotion and rich storytelling, the video depicts our lead guy reminiscing on brighter and happier times with his loved one as he makes his way to a meet-up with her, at which the feelings on display couldn’t be more different. With just enough cheese that the schtick of Groove City is still in tact while showing them off as a whole lot more than just that, ‘Let’s Not (Do This Again)’ is a catchy, 70s and 80s-influenced laced number that you’ll be singing for days to come.

Premiered on Purple Sneakers.